NEXT TRAIN RIDES ARE - 10AM-4PM - Sat & Sun - Sept. 21st & 22nd. Weather permitting.

Cool Train Links & More Resources

Gold Cost Railroad Museum - South Miami


Gold Coast Railroad Museum (GCRM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of railroad history and culture through preservation, restoration, and education. Home to over 40 historic railcars, including the "Ferdinand Magellan" Presidential Railcar, better known as U.S. Car No. 1. The museum also houses a model train room and numerous interactive displays. This year, GCRM gave approximately 24,000 passengers a ride aboard our railroad. 

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Florida Citrus Model Train Society - Pembroke Pines


The Florida Citrus Model Train Society has several modular layouts and hosts model train displays for your viewing pleasure. The FCMTS has an emphasis on the entire family especially the younger children. 

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South Florida Railway Museum - Deerfield Beach


Our goal has been to provide the public with a historical outlook to the reasons America’s railroads played such an important part to the regions development. The development of the South Florida area is predicated upon the railroad, both in population growth and industrial needs of raw materials. We do our best to represent these points through the use of artifacts and railroadiana displays. 

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Florida Railroad Museum - Sarasota


Ride the Rails in Parrish Florida

Florida Rail Road Museum offers one of the most unique museum experiences in the world.  The Florida Railroad Museum, Inc. was founded as The Florida Gulf Coast Railroad Museum with the stated goal of preserving Florida's railroad history. Over the years, the Museum has aquired and restored rolling stock and equipment to operate for the public's enjoyment. We hope our visitors appreciate the sights and sounds of Florida railroading as it existed in the 1940s and 1950s.

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Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad - Spring Hill North of Tampa


A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving railroad heritage. Located in Pasco County, Florida in Crew’s Lake County Park the CP&G, is a 7 ½ inch gauge “riding” railroad that is great fun for all ages. Since 2006 the volunteer membership has installed about 8500 feet of track including yards and sidings.

Operating on donations only, the club rides the public on the 2 nd Saturday of each month

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Largo Central Railroad - Largo (Clearwater)


Join us for a ride around beautiful Largo Central Park on our miniature railroad.  The accurately modeled scale locomotives pull you and your family along a mile long loop through great scenery, the spooky tunnel and our waterfall pond.  Fun for all ages!

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Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading


Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading is the printed source for the steam enthusiast or outdoor railroader.

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Discover Live Steam


Live Steam & Diesel Model Railroading

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Butterfly World


Butterfly World is the result of one man’s hobby gone wild.

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Other Live Steam & Private Clubs

Ridge Live Steamers - Dundee


 The Ridge Live Steamers, Inc. website is provided for the benefit of our members, model railroad and live steam enthusiasts. RLS Corporate property is private and visits are by invitation only. Fellow live steamers and those truly interested in the live steam and model railroading hobby are welcome. RLS is a non-profit organization and will work with other non-profit organizations dedicated to further the awareness of our railroad heritage. 

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Big Boots & Western Railroad - Candler (Ocala)


 BB & WRR club & property is private and visits are by invitation only.  They boast Florida's Largest 7.5 inch gauge railroad.

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Florida Live Steamers


An organization established in 1972 to inform all members of all things Live Steam in the State of Florida. They coordinate the activities of Live Steamers and Railroaders in the State of Florida: to achieve the maximum liaison between Live Steamers and Railroaders in the State of Florida: to serve as a clearing house for construction information to the Florida Live Steamers and Railroaders and out of state associations of Live Steamers, concerning any and all matters which the Florida Live Steamers and Railroaders, Inc. deems advisable. We welcome your application to join our group. Residence in the state of Florida is not a requirement of our group. We welcome members from any area. 

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The International Brotherhood of Live Steamers


The basic concept of the IBLS since its founding in 1932 was to "put one live steam hobbyist in touch with another" in order that the new locomotive builder could obtain information that he might be searching for to assist in his individual construction project and not be made to feel like a so-called "lone wolf".  Another goal was to have live steam "meets" each year where all the brothers could "meet". 

Membership is open to all those involved or interested in the Live Steam hobby.  This definition has grown to include all types of locomotive equipment, including steam, diesel, electric, etc. 

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Mid-South Live Steamers



  • Inside Maury County Park
  • 14,500 Feet of 7 1/2" track with grades that reach 3.5%
  • Free Public Rides during Three Events Each Year
  • 501(c)(3) - Non-Profit Organization

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Long Island Live Steamers


Long Island Live Steamers may well be the best kept secret on Long Island. Although thousands of visitors enjoy visiting and riding on our railroad every year, most Long Islanders have either never heard of us, or if they have, have yet to visit us on one of our Public Run Days. Since most of our advertising is “word of mouth,” those folks who do find us are usually very surprised by how much fun a day with Long Island Live Steamers really is!

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G Gauge Hobby Suppliers & Clubs

Accucraft Trains


Accucraft Trains was formed in 1994 in Mountain View, California.  The company’s first project was a 1:24 scale boxcar.  The following year saw the production of detailed 1:24 scale 4-4-0 and 2-6-0 locomotives.  The models were painted and hand assembled in the little California office, and the company was soon off and running.

 Accucraft operates on two primary principles: 1) the willingness to constantly innovate and strive for new levels of detail and quality; and 2) provide the best service possible to our customers.

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Aster Hobby USA LLC


Exclusive US Importer / distributor for Aster Live Steam Locomotives & Accessories.  Aster Hobby USA LLC, North American Importer / Distributor for Aster Hobby Co. Inc of Yokohama Japan.

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The first LGB locomotives and cars were presented 40 years ago and since  then the real life original has been the prototype for our LGB models.  Right from the start the emphasis was on authentic translation of the  prototypes into models. The reproduction of many details is just much a  part of LGB as working features for play and fun. If nothing else LGB  impresses people with its size which makes this adventure railroad so  fascinating as a model too. This illusion becomes almost perfect when  the trains run through the realistic nature of your own garden – and at  any time of the year like the real life original.

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MTH Electric Trains


Model trains that do more!

Three Decades Of Model Railroading Excellence. 

Thirty-five years ago, the three rail O gauge hobby consisted mainly of restoring and running postwar Lionel® trains. Thirty-six years ago, the most elaborate way to run three-rail trains was a rebuilt ZW transformer. Thirty-five years ago, a twenty-year-old named Mike Wolf opened a toy train mail order business in a bedroom of his parents' home. At train shows, customers approaching his table didn't realize he was the business owner, and often asked to speak with his father.

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Ready To Roll

We are a Full Line-Full Service model railroad supply store with 5 operating layouts. Ready To Roll is a must see attraction in South Florida. From Scales Z to G our store is widely known throughout the world. Our store carries Track, Scenery, Structures, Electrical, Tools, Engines, Rolling stock, a Large selection of detail parts, Accessories, and Scratch Building Supplies.
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The Train Department / Regner


We are dedicated to carrying high quality, unique items to the hobby. Our product selection is quite extensive and you are sure to find something to meet your needs! I am here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. We offer support on all our products and am here to help you should you have questions or a problem..

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7.5 Gauge Hobby Suppliers

USA Trains


Largest Variety of American Prototype G Scale Trains located in Malden MA

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Allen Models of Nevada


ince 1963, Allen Models has been one of the largest, friendliest and most consistent suppliers of parts, plans and castings for the live steam hobby in the United States.   We pride ourselves on continuing Gene Allen's tradition of excellent service and high availability of parts.   Whether you're a veteran builder looking to kit-bash or a beginner looking to get into the hobby with an easy to build project such as the Allen Models Chloe or Fitchburg Northern, we hope you find what you are looking for here at Allen Models.  

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American Model Engineering Supply


Our purpose is to provide high quality products in a timely manner at the best price possible.   

Most of what we sell is to our own design made in our own shop using CNC and automatic equipment.    

As a result, we can respond quickly to your needs and eliminate the middle man in maintaining quality control. 

Cannonball Ltd.


Cannonball ... Your 1 1 /2 inch scale, 7 1/4 and 7 1/2 inch gauge manufacturer and supplier of model railroad. Over 20 years experience and 200 products available. Locomotives, Freight cars, Trucks, Couplers, Rail, and railroad building supplies.

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Flashers R Us



We supply a variety of quality flashing, blinking, and lighting products for the model railroader. Primarily this is for the 7-1/2" gauge, 1/8th scale modeler although many Items can be used in other scales.

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Little Engines Est. 1934


As one of the oldest and largest suppliers to the live steam hobby, Little Engines continues its commitment to supplying a great diversity of drawings, castings, parts, accessories and more to the live steam enthusiast. Throughout the pages of this website, you will find pictures, information and specifications of the many locomotives and products we offer to help you decide which project is best for you. Any time you have questions or need help, contact us; we will be glad to help. We continue to work hard to earn your business by providing you with some of the best castings available, backed by our service. Many patterns have been retooled and refreshed to modern foundry standards. This allows us to get higher quality parts faster and keep inventory well stocked.

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At LocoGear we believe that a live steam model locomotive should be built following the prototype as closely as possible.

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LocoParts manufactures custom tenders/kits, gas burners, silicon bronze lost   wax castings and live steam locomotive valves and accessories in 1-1/2”, 2-1/2”   and 3-3/4” scale.  All items are manufactured using the finest bar stock   materials,  casings from red brass (hand pump) and stainless steel   fasteners.  All items are provided as   RFI (ready for installation) or as   kits if noted.

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Micro Fasteners


For many years hobbyists and engineers have relied on Micro Fasteners' inventory of affordably priced socket screws, machine screws, locknuts, washers, sheet metal or self tapping screws, wood screws, other fasteners and related items in U.S. and metric sizes. 

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Miracle Graphics & Railroad Products


High Quality, Custom Vinyl Graphics

Miracle Graphics & Railroad Products has been providing quality stock and custom decals since 2000, specializing in vinyl graphics for the large scale hobbyist. Check out our extensive catalog or provide photos of what you would like to model. 

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PM Research


Model Engines and Accessories for Hobbyist and Machinist

Welcome to PM Research Inc. new Model Engine Website. PM Research is a leading manufacturer of model steam engines and boilers,solar/stirling cycle engines, gas engines, and model accessories for hobbyist and machinist.

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Penn Keystone Coal Co., LLC


Coal is Our Business ...

Penn Keystone Coal supplies quality deep & surfaced mined Bituminous coal from Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia & eastern Kentucky for the retail, industrial, metallurgic & utility markets in the eastern US.  We also distribute Anthracite coal from eastern Pennsylvania for retail & industrial markets.  We are experienced in supplying Anthracite to steel mills for coke substitution in times of met coal & coke shortages.

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Plum Cove Studios


Plum Cove Studios offers RTR control systems not only for our own Locomotives, speeders and trolleys, but also are a proven turnkey replacement for aging systems. We also offer replacement systems for other manufacturers who don't stand behind their product or answer their phones anymore.

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Precision Steel Car


Large Scale Train Car Kits, Details & Accessories

Precision Steel Car is dedicated to producing high quality affordable rolling stock kits and detail parts for 1/8 scale live steam railroads.

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Railroad Supply Co.


Your source for the finest in 1-1/2" scale Live Steam and Electric Model Locomotives and Rolling Stock.

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Real Trains



Here at Real Trains, we manufacturer model railroad equipment that is big enough for you to ride on. While some of our products are used by businesses that haul passengers commercially, most of our customers are hobbyists who build and operate highly detailed scale models and layouts for their own enjoyment.

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Ridge Locomotivce Works, LLC


Offering the Live Steamer complete miniature boiler services, including design, fabrication, inspection and repair.

Ridge Locomotive Works is owned and operated by Marty Knox. Marty Knox has the knowledge and experience to provide high quality boiler services to the live steam community. Like many Live Steamers his initial interest was in machine work. While an Industrial Education student at Kean College he built his first locomotive chassis to the point where it was running on air and needed a boiler. Getting a quote of $600, he decided to build his own, and actually used it as a project for his Metals Fabrication Class.

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Roll Models Ind. Railworks


Welcome to RMI Railworks, the largest producer of miniature live steam railroad equipment in the world!  RMI's product line and quality is unsurpassed in the industry with a complete line of live steam, steam outline, gas, diesel, propane and electric locomotives RMI has the largest selection in which to choose your motive power.

RMI also produces a full catalog of freight cars, industrial cars, trolleys and MOW cars, signals, rail and hardware to support your miniature live steam railroad. Whether you are a private railroad, live steam club,  a shopping mall or park, RMI Railworks can provide you with exactly what you need to build your railroad and keep it running. 

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Roger Goldmann Steam Locomotives


Live Steam Locomotives is your hobby supplier for precision 7 1/4" -  7 1/2" gauge locomotives, including the Union Pacific Challenger, the only articulated live steam model on the market. We also have an extensive collection of reproduction locomotive and tender drawings from railroads of the live steam era.  From a small and simple live steam engine to the largest, most complex and powerful locomotive on the market - we have a model that's right for you.

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Terlyn Industries


TERLYN LSB8000 is the most advanced locomotive water treatment ever developed and the only treatment specifically designed for the live steam hobbyist. LSB8000 is a single feed treatment that will control scale and corrosion in live steam boilers while removing existing deposits.

It is easy to use, cost effective and safer to handle than most household cleaning products. The exceptional performance of LSB8000 has been proven on hundreds of scale locomotives and is recommended by live steamers across the country.

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Train Mountain Railroad Museum & Park in Chiloquin Oregon


The World's Largest Private Caboose Collection - with 37 Cabooses
Over    60 Full Size Maintenance and Rolling Stock Cars in Collection
"World's Longest Miniature Railroad" - Guinness Book of World Records 

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