Welcome to Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad

Welcome to Tradewinds & Atlantic RailroadWelcome to Tradewinds & Atlantic RailroadWelcome to Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad

Please call the Park Office (954-357-8870) for details & availability of park amenities like pavilions & pony rides.  TRAINS SCROLL DOWN

Kid Friendly Train Rides & Model Trains !


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The “little” trains operating on the elevated track are either “O” scale or “G” scale. Commonly referred to as ”garden scale”.  These kid friendly model trains are powered by electricity or steam. These trains are not big enough to ride on so they are controlled remotely or by radio command. The scale of these trains varies from 1:48 for “O” gauge to 1:20 for the “G” gauge.

Our volunteers are passionate about their hobby so please don't touch.  

Come back and visit often as you will notice the trains will change from season to season.  This is because some of our talented volunteers have masterfully created some one of a kind trains of varying themes.  

These trains can be enjoyed by all!

It is rated "E" for Everyone!.  

This activity is for the most very young

 to the young at heart !


Ride for as Little as $1.50 !

Or Join ! We Love New Members !

Ride for as Little as $1.50 !

Kid Friendly Train Rides!  

The trains that you can ride on in Tradewinds Park are one-eighth life-size, or scaled at 1-1/2″ per foot. This makes them eleven times bigger than the typical HO scale train you might have in your home.


The track gauge is 7-1/2″, a world-wide standard that allows us to host visitors from all over North and South America, England, Europe, Australia, and Africa. Steam, batteries, or small gas engines power the locomotives. Steam locomotives might burn coal, propane gas, or fuel oil depending on the whims of the builder. Models of Diesel-Electric locomotives using batteries give quiet, dependable operation, while gasoline-powered locomotives give the ability to operate all day. 

Why 1-1/2" scale? Because that size is large enough to ride on comfortably yet still small enough so we can load our trains into a pickup truck or trailer and take them to one of the many other tracks across the country.

Disclaimer:  An Adult MUST accompany riders under 10 years of age.  To protect our future riders and possible engineers, mums who are pregnant CANNOT ride for their own safety!  Children MUST be 1 year or older to ride, they MUST have the ability to walk unattended to the train & sit upright with an adult.  Please refer to our Very Important Safety Rules!


Or Join ! We Love New Members !

Or Join ! We Love New Members !

Or Join ! We Love New Members !

The Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad, Inc. was formed in 1972 as the Florida Live Steamers-Southern Division. Track-laying at Tradewinds Park started in 1987 and was completed in 1990. 

We are a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation dedicated to educating folks of all ages in the importance and history of railroads, railroad safety and 

keeping the spirit of mechanical engineering and innovation alive!

All of the people you see working on the trains at the Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad, Inc. are volunteers and not employees of Broward County Parks Department. In fact, we have no connection with Broward County Parks except for the fact that they graciously allow us room to build our facility in order that we may share our hobby with you. 

The money that we make from ticket sales goes strictly to help maintain and improve our facilities, insurance coverage and educational programs for members and the general public. 

We have no paid employees, only volunteers.

Very Important Safety Rules


Before You Ride !

While waiting to board, you will hear the safety rules for our railroad from your Station Master.  Your safety is our first priority, so please put your cell phones away, listen carefully and ask the station crew if you have any questions. You will have plenty of time to take photos at the end of the ride before you disembark the train.

Be a good example to the youngins by putting away your cell phones and giving your full attention to the Station Master while he or she delivers the safety rules.  

We greatly appreciate you being a Good Rider by observing these Important Safety Rules:

  • Pregnant persons and infants may not ride, feel free to enjoy our free train layout while waiting
  • Children must be 1 year or older to ride, they must have the ability to walk unattended & sit upright with an adult 
  • Children under 10 must ride with an adult 
  • Everyone must wear shoes
  • Remain seated with your feet securely on the running boards and never drag your feet
  • Do not reach out to take pictures, grab foliage or rock side to side
  • Riders must face forward at all times
  • Once seated do not place your hands, feet or any part of your body between the riding cars
  • No selfie sticks or smoking are allowed, you may take pictures at the end of your ride
  • If you drop something bring it to our attention at the end of your ride & we will retrieve it for you  
  • At no time should you attempt to jump off or exit the train while in motion
  • Supervise your child, do not allow them to throw rocks, play or run on or across the tracks
  • For photo ops, please do not place your child on any locomotive, engine or caboose
  • Do ask the station master or station crew if you have any questions whatsoever, we are here to make sure you have a safe and fun day!

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person !

We love sharing our hobby!  Trains depart the station every few minutes from 10 AM to 4PM EVERY THIRD WEEKEND of the month!   

Don't forget to inquire about our BIRTHDAY TRAIN and visit our Train Store for a few mementos to remind you of your visit !!  

Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad at Tradewinds Park

3600 W Sample Rd, Coconut Creek, Florida 33073, United States

954 494 6877


We are open every third weekend of the month from 10am-4pm. Birthday Train rides must be completed prior to 3pm. Click on our birthday link for more info. Thanks for your consideration!

Drop us a line!


Things To Do ... Things To See

Ticket to Ride

Coming Events & Train Schedule

Coming Events & Train Schedule


Let our friendly volunteers show you a day of riding the rails. Who knows what nature you'll see a long the way!  All Aboard !!!

Coming Events & Train Schedule

Coming Events & Train Schedule

Coming Events & Train Schedule


Weather Permitting, Trains depart the station and run continuously every third (3rd) weekend of each Month from 10am-4pm

A Birthday to Remember

Coming Events & Train Schedule

A Birthday to Remember


Host your child or child at heart's next birthday party here at the Railroad!  Find options for booking a Birthday Train or Making a Donation 


Labor of Love

A Birthday to Remember


Get Social with us!  Please tag your Railroad Experience on our Facebook page and Share your great stories, pictures and videos !

Got Steam?

Labor of Love

Labor of Love


Have you heard the news?  We have just acquired a new steam locomotive !  Yes we now have two live steam locomotives at the track !!!

After your ride, Visit our Store for a momento!

Labor of Love

Labor of Love

Labor of Love


     Ever want to be an Engineer or a Conductor?       We want YOU!  We won't lie, it's hard work but its worth the fun and a heck of a ride !  Ask one of our volunteers how to join or click below.  It will be a learning experience unlike no other!


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