NEXT TRAIN RIDES ARE - 10AM-4PM - Sat & Sun - Sept. 21st & 22nd. Weather permitting.



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We are tickled pink you want to include us in your birthday fun!  Please keep in mind that the Tradewinds & Atlantic Railroad only offers train rides.   All other arrangements are between you, Tradewinds Park and/or other vendors. 

Party Trains can only be scheduled on our regular run days, between 10am and 3pm.  No parties after 3pm please.

Because we are volunteer based, we do not offer private parties.

We suggest two ways to handle your birthday party: 

Option #1 (Unstructured): Have your birthday someplace in the park and purchase enough ride tickets at $1.50 each to accommodate everyone in your party. Give the tickets to your friends and then they can ride at anytime during the day by going through the regular boarding line like all other passengers. 

Option #2 (Scheduled time): Email and request a time for your party to ride the train. We will work with you to select a time and answer any questions you might have. When your party arrives at the railroad station at the designated time, one member of your party should tell the attendants at the ticket office that you are there for a scheduled birthday train ride. Your group will not pass through the regular boarding line but will board a special train in front of the bleachers, please have your group meet there. The birthday train will run around the track twice without stopping (sometimes other trains in front will require your train to stop, but your group will continue around twice as soon as possible). This will be repeated as many times as needed to accommodate your entire party; different trains have different capacities. You do not purchase regular tickets for the special train. We keep count of how many people ride and after the ride is over, we collect $1.50 for every person that rides, regardless of age. 

All regular safety rules are in effect at all times;        

An adult or older child must ride on every train car.  

Children under ten (10) years of age must have an adult with them.

All children riding must be old enough to sit up by themselves. 

For the safety of themselves and their unborn child, pregnant mothers may not ride the train. 

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Railroad Volunteers are not able to answer questions regarding the Park facilities. 

Please call Tradewinds Park office (954-357-8870) for details and availability of park amenities.

Tradewinds Park has a limited number of picnic pavilions available for rent. You can either rent one of these or take a first-come, first-served chance on picnic tables scattered through the park. In addition to train rides on our regularly scheduled days, Tradewinds Park also offers pony and horse rides, a small animal petting area, playground, and Butterfly World which is on the south side of Sample Road across from the park entrance. 

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Your gracious support will enable us to meet our goals and improve our club by allowing us to maintain the trains, track and upgrade facilities for you, our visitors. Your generous donation will fund our mission which is to educate our young visitors about train safety, the value of hard work and the inner workings of a real rail yard, all while providing a safe, fun and inexpensive family experience.  

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